Sarah Slean

The Baroness and Crimson Peak

So, as you may have heard, last April I was Jessica Chastain’s piano-pounding body double in the Guillermo Del Torro thriller “Crimson Peak”. Crazy, right? Let me tell you, it was more than a fluke opportunity – it was more like a ripple in space/time… In April 2014 I received two emails out of the blue from two distant acquaintances…  


Message from Sarah

Here’s a wee list of things I’ve been into lately… The Human Face of BIG DATA: watched this documentary on a plane recently and was a-buzz with thoughts… human beings are using computers to capture massive amounts of data for almost anything that could possibly be measured. The data is shedding light on formerly dark problems, and at lightning speed….  


Renovation Update

The evolution of Slean Acres / The Baronial Estate The kitchen is finished! The wall has been taken down, cabinets and flooring installed, new drywall and insulation… what an improvement over the barely-functional, annoying layout of the old kitchen! Dining room, bathroom and upstairs are also complete. Many thanks to Pa Slean for his handyman efforts! Before During After Sarah…  


And the days grew longer…

2014 you are finally here… I didn’t even think about you until half way through the year. Then the appointed hour finally came, 2013 exploded, and I waited for you madly, high-pitched and half-crazed, squeezing still, as still as my whirling mind would allow, like wincing hotly through a dental procedure. Much falsehood has been painfully shed. We can’t lie…  



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