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Pre-Orders for Sarah Slean’s New Album – Metaphysics

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Pre-order Sarah’s first recording in 5 years – the gorgeous, moody epic “Metaphysics”, featuring her breathtaking arrangements for string orchestra and the brilliant production contributions of Canuck gems Hawksley Workman, Daniel Romano, Jean Martin and Joshua Van Tassel. Mixed by Grammy-winner David Bottrill and Juno-winner Vic Florencia, the album is also a delicious sonic treat for the audiophile on your holiday list. Break out the big stereo!

Come visit us on to view a number of limited edition of items.

Every order comes with the digital download version of the album. With every “exclusive” order you will automatically receive the Access Pass – your ticket to behind-the-scenes videos, updates, interviews, and photos from the recording process.
And heads up – the hand-mades are BACK! After painstakingly creating 100+ originals for 2010’s B-sides album and 2011’s Land&Sea, a limited number of Sarah’s mini-masterpieces are again on offer! If you missed out last time, here’s your chance to own a one-of-a-kind treasure

  • For orders placed before Dec 20, pledgers will receive a PDF to give as a gift.
  • Items priced $100+ will come with a FREE download of the instrumental tracks on this album as a thank you.



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